You are invited to the first-ever Dynamic Facilitation seminar in Italy taught by the originator of Dynamic Facilitation, Jim Rough. Facilitators help people think at a high level. And the highest level is when people face impossible-seeming problems, stay creative and achieve breakthrough progress. Dynamic Facilitation evokes this kind of thinking, what we call “choice-creating,” which opens new doors of possibility in many different fields e.g. leadership, conflict resolution, education, therapy, trust-building, organizational development, democracy, group problem-solving and relationships in general.


In the seminar you will learn Dynamic Facilitation skills through experience, helping people work on issues they care about, making win/win progress. You will be personally coached in how to do this by trusting the genius within each person, and by supporting their feelings and intuitions.


Also, you will learn how Dynamic Facilitation is being used to empower large systems of people, like organizations and communities. For examples, see the website for our nonprofit organization The Center for Wise Democracy (www.WiseDemocracy.org), group problem-solving and relationships in general. 


FROM 20.11

TO 22.11.2017



500€ // limited number of partial scholarships available







Jim Rough (MS, MBA, Columbia University) is a social innovator, consultant, speaker and author. In the 1980’s he developed Dynamic Facilitation and has now taught the Dynamic Facilitation and Choice-creating seminar all over the world. He also developed the “Wisdom Council Process,”which is like Dynamic Facilitation in that it supports large systems of people to solve impossible-seeming problems. In 2002 Jim co-founded the Center for Wise Democracy (www.WiseDemocracy) and published the book, “Society’s Breakthrough! Releasing Essential Wisdom and Virtue in All the People.” 


Cusanus Akademie Brixen - Bressanone

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