Sociocracy (governance by the “socios”) is a way of running an organization so that no voice in the organization is ignored and we still move forward as a group in an effective and efficient way. A sociocratic organization will be just and relevant: you can work in alignment with your values, your purpose and in respectful collaboration with your peers. A sociocratic organization is dynamic and self-repairing. No meetings that last forever, no power games, no winners and losers, no decisions behind closed doors. Sociocracy is for everyone who dreams of a world where we all can make decisions as equals, reduce economic inequality and enjoy deep human connection - while getting things done that are important to us and our colleagues.

we had an introduction workshop on sociocracy

with Jerry Koch Gonzales and Jennifer Rau

7.7. - 9.7. Sarns (Brixen- Bressanone) 


Course description

In this workshop, we have demonstrated the consent decision-making process, elections of people to roles, the organizational structure of linked circles where information can flow in all directions, and the importance of cultivating feedback to learn and evolve. There was time of practice, role plays and plenty of room for questions and further exploration. 


& an intermediate workshop - implementing sociocracy

with Jerry Koch Gonzales and Jennifer Rau

9.7. - 10.7 Sarns (Brixen- Bressanone) 


Course description

This workshop was open to those who have attended the introductory weekend or have equivalent experience. 


In this workshop, we used stories and short lectures to explore some of the many questions around implementing sociocracy.


How do I get from ideas into clear proposals?

How do I facilitate?

How do I implement sociocracy in a small scale start up?

How do I implement sociocracy in an existing large scale organization?

What about power? 

How can I stay connected to others in the sociocratic world - networking? 

Consensus vs. consent?

Impressions from the workshop

Jennifer Rau is a linguist, videographer and singer-songwriter. She got exposed to sociocracy when she moved into a sociocratically run cohousing community. She started paying attention to the suffering that ineffective meetings and collaboration bring almost everywhere people collaborate – which is everywhere people are. People and their universal need to connect and move things are at the center of her attention. Her training in syntax and semantics taught her to find patterns, work empirically and break things down so they can be understandable. 





Jerry Koch-Gonzalez is a certified sociocracy consultant  and  partner in the Sociocracy Consulting Group.

Imagine a world where people enjoy working equitably together to meet personal and planetary needs. Jerry’s work is in service of that vision. Jerry helps companies and organizations implement sociocracy to create adaptive and effective organizations where all members’ voices matter. He is a consultant and certified trainer in both Dynamic Governance/Sociocracy and Compassionate Communication (NVC), with a focus on governance, decision making, communication skills, and conflict resolution.

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